This Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day everyone.  Those of you lucky enough to still have your dad around, I hope you take the time to celebrate him and tell him what he means to you! I miss my Abba (Bengali word for “dad”).  This September he will be gone for two years.  He died the day after my birthday.  I remember holding his face as he struggled to take his last breaths and asking him to spend my birthday with me.  He couldn’t respond back but he granted that one last request.  I have lots of memories of my Abba.  We’ve not always had an easy relationship, but it was worth getting to know him better as an adult. He lost his right arm in a horrible industrial accident and had to teach himself how to do everything again. There was no physical or occupational therapy back then in Bangladesh.  I remember watching Abba tie a double windsor knot on his tie with only one hand.  He taught himself to write with his left hand, drive a stick shift when the gears where on the opposite side of him and tie his shoe laces.  He was a brilliant man in mind and body.  I remember thinking that there was nothing he could not do.  In the middle of civil war he managed to keep us safe and he taught me that every battle waged and won begins in the mind.

I married a most exceptional man, who is a lot like my Abba in many ways and a great Dad.  I cherish the life I have with him and the time I had with my Abba.  I am making it a point of letting all the men in my life who are Fathers know that they do an awesome job and cannot be replaced.

I made these for Father’s day. My piping skills need work but I figure it’s the thought that counts!

My dad and I, six years ago dancing to Louie Armstrong’s “What a wonderful World”


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  1. Can’t believe I missed this a few days ago Tahmina. What a heartfelt post. And a beautiful photo of you and your precious Abba. How privileged to know that he hung in there for your birthday. I am sure you have innumberable happy memories. Thanks you for sharing such a special post with us. My Dad is very well but living far away from me. I shall phone him now…

  2. That picture of you two dancing, just makes me cry EVERY time I see it. This was such a loving tribute to him. Thanks for sharing it!
    I wasn’t there when my Dad died. I wasn’t able to say good-bye or tell him what he meant to me. I know he knew. . But, I should’ve said it one last time. He’s with me in every decision I make, every response I give and I hear his words fall out of my mouth, all the time.
    Hug your Daddy everyone!

    • Coleman had such a cool life story! I loved what a changed man he became through the power of God. I am also glad you were there in person when my dad and I got our “redemption” dance!

  3. Your dad sounds like an amazing person. I am glad that you got the opportunity to get to know him better as an adult. You cookies look wonderful, and that is the greatest picture of you and your dad!

  4. It’s amazing …. Abba, Baba, Pappa, Dadda … there must be something paternally satisfying about the general sound combination to make the words so similar around the world!

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