Double Chocolate Rum Cake Bites

Double Chocolate Rum Cake Bites

I love chocolate.  I really do.  I could eat a lot of it.  Because I’m also a dietitian and try to practice moderation in my eating habits and exercise regularly, I can’t be a pig about it (dang it!).  One of the reasons I like to make Cake Bites or Cake Pops (that’s when you stick a popsicle stick in it) is that it acts as a built-in portion control.  The small size makes it just about the  perfect ending to a great meal.   Plus, I think as a short person, I should champion all things small.

These Double Chocolate Rum cake bites are delectable.  Oh, did I mention you can freeze them?  Yeah, that means you can whip these little suckers out when you have unexpected guests and amaze them with your culinary skills.  Or in case of a chocolate emergency or a bad hair day, take out a few from the freezer and have your own little party, they taste really good partially frozen!

Another thing, just because I try to make everything from scratch doesn’t mean I don’t use a boxed cake mix now and then.  Why fix something if it ain’t broken? I adapted this recipe from Wendy Paul’s book, 101 Gourmet Cake bites.

Ingredients for the cake

Bake the cake in a 9 x 13 pan, let it cool and crumble it into a large bowl

Make the chocolate ganache

Scoop out the cake mixture and refrigerate at least 30 minutes to harden them a bit

Melt some chocolate chips with a little bit of vegetable oil in a double boiler (basically a heat safe bowl on a pan with some water in it)

Drop each cake bite into the melted chocolate to cover

Using a fork, take out each coated cake bite

Using a small mason jar as a holder, place a little ziplock bag inside and pour leftover melted chocolate in to create a "piping bag". Cut off a tiny corner portion and to pipe the chocolate

Drizzle the chocolate over the covered cake bites

Double Chocolate Rum Cake Bites!

Here’s the recipe:

Double Chocolate Rum Cake Bites

1 Box of dark chocolate cake mix (I prefer Duncan Hines)

3 eggs

1/2 cup rum

1/2 cup milk

Chocolate meltys or Chocolate chips (for melting and coating the cake bites with)

1-2 tsp vegetable oil

Chocolate Gananche

1 1/2 cups chocolate chips

2/3 cup heavy cream

2 tsp rum flavoring or 2 Tablespoons of dark rum

To make the Ganache:

Heat heavy cream to boiling and pour over the chocolate chips.  Stir until melted and smooth.  Add the rum flavoring.  Let it come to room temperature.

To make the cake bites:

Mix together cake mix, eggs, rum and milk and bake in a greased 9 x 13 cake pan for about 28 minutes.  Let it cool.  In a large bowl, crumble the entire cake into small pieces.

Add 1 cup of Chocolate Ganache to the cake crumbles.   Mix together until everything is kind of moist and hold together when pressed.  Scoop out 3/4″ size balls and smooth them out with your palms.  Place on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for about 30 minutes.  In the meantime, melt chocolate meltys and vegetable oil (or you can use chocolate chips) in a double boiler (heat safe bowl over a pan with 1 1/2 inches of water, the heat from the water will melt the chocolate without scorching it).  Take the cooled cake balls out of the refrigerator and drop them gently into the melted chocolate.  Using two forks, one in each hand, take out the coated cake bite with one fork and using the other fork, gently push it off onto a parchment lined baking sheet.  Refrigerate and if you desire use leftover melted chocolate in a little ziplock bag, cut one tip off and use it like a piping bag to drizzle chocolate over each cake bite.  This makes a beautiful design and covers up any imperfections.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.


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  1. This recipe caught my eye as my daughter-in-law loves chocolate and the grandkids love fnger foods. Have not yet tried but seems like there should be a way to melt the chocolate chips oncce and then use some for the gaunche and some for the coating. also wondered about adding rum to this melted chocolate so it was in the gaunche and the coating. any thoughts?

    • It only takes about a minute to melt chocolate but it does take a little while to make the little balls. You have to re-heat the chocolate again by the time you’re ready to dip. I use two different types of chocolate. The one for the ganache can be chocolate chips or good quality chocolate while the dipping chocolate are the chocolate meltys (winco bulk section). It gives a better texture and a thinner coating instead of a thick chunky coating. Unless you’re desiring a thick coating

  2. Thanks for posting the terrific recipe. I am in a dry village right now, so will make a version sans rum. Thanks for the mason jar tip. It is difficult to scoop melted chocolate into an open bag with only two hands. Great idea!
    Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.

  3. Fantastic! I would never have thought of crumbling up the cake and then adding it to the ganache. What a great idea. The ice-cream scoop makes everything so nice and uniform too. These look just amazing! Have you ever drizzled them with white chocolate? I was just thinking the contrast might be pretty too . . .

    • Yes I have. I’ve also made key lime cake bites, chocolate and BACON cake bites (those turned out amazing), Bananas foster cake bites, Raspberry cheesecake cake bites….someone stop me.

      • No stopping!

        Keep going! Chocolate and bacon cake bites sounds scrumptious! I have had chocolate and bacon cupcakes, and chocolate and bacon brownies.

        So many things to put bacon in . . .

        But the raspberry cheesecake bites would have been my favorite. Love cheesecake!

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