The world is full of amazing things to eat.  Different parts of the world offer different spices, textures and tastes.  Recipes and ideas vary not only from region to region but from family to family.  We are truly limited only by our imagination.  That is why I wanted to share stories about people and food.  Kolpona is the Bangla word for imagination, and since I’m from Bangladesh it seemed like a great fit!

When my grandmother passed away several years ago, many of her amazing recipes were lost since in my part of the world everything is very oral.  Most great cooks just cook.  They don’t bother to measure anything, they create.  The results are delicious but sometimes the lack of written recipes means that when someone passes away those amazing dishes disappear.  I’d love to eat some of my Grandma’s “special” dishes again just because the tastes and smells brings back great memories.  I lost a part of my heritage because nobody in my family wrote down any recipes.  I’m hoping to change that.  I am making an effort to write down things that my mom and aunts cook and quantify them into recipes.  I married a wonderful man from the Caribbean, I’ve lived and traveled in many different parts of the world and in each place I’ve enjoyed the variety of foods.  I’ve found that making a delicious meal and sharing it with people around you is one of life’s rare pleasures.  So… I’ve made a new resolution to write down things that I cook.  It’s annoying.  It takes time and effort but in the end, I think it will be good to leave a legacy of food behind.   Life tastes good!

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  1. Namaste Desi Chick, I hope all flows well. I see your baking at the minute, great looking goods. We love you over here in the beach house, your food is so packed full of flavour and energy. We’ve voted you for a ‘Lovely Blogger Award’, see here – We hope it brings many new good folk into your ‘desi’ world. Well deserved and so true of your blog! I look forward to cooking some of your Bengali delights. Happiness, lee and jane

  2. It does take a lot longer to create and cook a dish when you are measuring and writing. The end result is great though…you can now pass on your dishes to family and friends in the blogging world.

    • It has had unexpected benefits. I started it in part to write things down and in part because I teach some nutrition classes at the University of Utah and needed an electronic site for the times we use the kitchen and do world cuisine. I was surprised to have readers beyond my students and immediate family! 🙂

  3. I love the philosophy behind your blog. To me, mum always has the best recipes, and it’s definitely a shame to let all these wisdoms go to waste. really enjoy indian food, so I’m enjoying your recipes so far! great blog, keep up the brlliant work (:

  4. Hey Luna apa, here there is another wedding in the family around July. Got the news from Nadia.
    and yes while reading the indonesian chicken curry recipe i remembered about the indonesian egg curry that ryan likes a lot! me too a foodie like you :). can you pl share the recipe .Thanks

  5. Yes! I’m super excited for these two recipes. I myself am trying to shed a little winter weight. I’ve done P90x and Insanity in the past, Both awesome. I’m also always looking for a good fish recipe. Thanks for all your efforts!

  6. This all looks amazing! Bravo. I am missing food with spice here in Wales, I have to cook my own. Happy blogging, Lee…

      • You and me, both! But that’s part of the fun, right? 🙂 I can’t wait to see more of your creations. And I was just considering making palak paneer (one of my favorites) this evening so now I may try to make my own cheese!

  7. My 15 year old son made the Edam crackers today…they turned out so well, I seriously doubt we will be buying many crackers in the future. We are eating them with hummus, and we are finding that there are few things that taste better!

  8. So true – I love cooking and I’ve cooking since a long time – but most of the time I can never tell my friends as well how I did this. Thankfully now I’ve started writing up… better late than never. So what if it is for my blog – I could have kept everything myself – right?

  9. Tahmina, you’re recipes are awesome, we are definitely missing the cooking sessions in class. I made the roasted pepper pesto the other night. It was good but I felt like I wanted to add something to spice it up and equalize the sweetness of the peppers, any suggestions?
    Also can you post the recipes for the spinach artichoke dip and the chicken skewers you mentioned in class.
    Thanks for all the effort you put into your blog and bringing new meals into my home.

    • I usually add a bunch of the spinach pesto to that as well (I posted that earlier). I make a big batch and freeze it in little baggies and often throw it in when I’m making the pepper pesto. That gives it an added flavor punch. If you have extra basil handy that will work well too.

  10. Made the Lemon Rice, took just moments and is completely delicious!! These recipes are now my answer to “What’s for dinner?”

  11. Indeed it is best to write down recipes as you remember them. Time flies, new recipes come but there will always be longing for the old familiar comfort food that brings back memories of time past. 😉

  12. Congrats on everything Aunty!!! So glad I have a quick reference when my mom doesn’t remember certain recipies. The bakes caught my eye!!! I am looking forward to see if one of my fav dishes that you use to make me pops up on here.

  13. Hi Tahmina, your recipes look lovely and delicious. I will sure be trying them out. Thank you for “the like” on my blog at Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

  14. Honored you included me as an invited guest to your new blog. I have not be a blogger in the past but my husband reads many cooking sites. My brother-in-law is a professional chef and I thought I would sent him a note to get his comments. Another friend is a professional software designer, perhaps he will have some comments also.

  15. Tahmina–so glad to be your friend! I love your cooking! Amazing and wonderful and succulent and delicious and savory and . . . !!!!!!

  16. Great idea Tamina, and as always, very creative in concept. Looking forward to staying conncected through this project. This will be my first blog.

  17. Yum!!!!!!! My mouth is watering and it’s only 10:00 AM!?! Thanks for the heads-up on your food blog, Tahmina – I’m looking forward to following the blog and trying-out your recipes!

  18. Good job TSM. If I follow your blog I can start having some variety in the kitchen so keep going. As always you are leading the pack.


  19. You’re right, Tahmina. As I read through these recipes, I can almost taste it and I’m reminded of good times, sitting around your table laughing and sharing stories with some AMAZING people. Thank you for sharing these with us. I can’t wait to pass your recipes in to a new crowd!

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